Youtubers Lie To Film Fans; Rant On Movie Media Fake News


Youtubers are lying to movie fans, real talk. A rant on annoying video creators that post lies and use fake news media tricks.

A rant against youtubers lying to their viewers. I had to make a video about the lies because I am noticing a trend of misinformation since Star Wars The Last Jedi and it has continued to the upcoming MCU movie Captain Marvel. Movie Youtubers are lying to you! Truth doesn’t matter to many movie YouTube channels. Why do Youtubers lie to you? Well, as long as the YouTube topic is popular and money from monetization can be earned, it will continue. They will post false stories because a lot of people don’t fact check or know how to spot fake news. There is no fact checking rumors and Youtubers lie to their subscribers with no second thoughts. Youtubers keep lying to you because stories can reach more people more quickly via social media. A lot of conspiracy theories out there in the movie media and the lack of real news is bad. So how to spot fake news? It’s easy, a simple fact check via Google search. Sorry for my rant on YouTube, but I have to expose my subscribers to what I am seeing with my own eyes about movie Youtubers lying to their subscribers. What makes these YouTube channels any different than the liberal media journalists that they call out and call Disney shills? Sounds like blatant media hypocrisy to me.

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