X-Men Dark Phoenix A Feminist Movie; SJW Cringe In TV Spot

X-Men Dark Phoenix a feminist movie director Simon Kinberg says. Mystique & Storm attack Professor X in SJW cringe TV spot.

The long delayed release date of the X-Men Dark Phoenix movie has hurt it’s anticipating. Box office tracking for X-Men Dark Phoenix is looking at an opening weekend in the $50 million range, according to experts. That would be one of the lowest box office weekend debuts for a X-Men film, with 2013’s The Wolverine currently coming in at the lowest with a $53.1 opening weekend.

So with X-Men Dark Phoenix hype is low for the final Fox movie. So what do they do? Go the social justice warrior route in a TV spot. Jennifer Lawrence Mystique character mentions to Charles Xavier that she wants to change the teams name to x-women in new Dark Phoenix tv spot. “We are always saving the men around here,” Jennifer Lawrence tells James McAvoy in a X-Men Dark Phoenix scene. “Might wanna think about changing the name to X-Women.” Alexandra Shipp Storm character then agrees and says “end of discussion”

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“To me any movie going forward should be a feminist movie,” X-Men director Simon Kinberg told Mashable during a Dark Phoenix interview in London.

The X-Men director also said “This movie is a reflection of the shift we are experiencing all around us, is a celebration of that.”

What is your X-men Dark Phoenix reaction to this? What do you think of the feminism in X-Men Dark Phoenix movie tv spot?


X-Men: Dark Phoenix release date is June 5 in the UK and June 7 in the US.

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