Women Beat Up Disabled Miami Florida Man At The Licking

Florida man attacked by ratchet women at Miami Finga Licking restaurant. 77-year-old disabled veteran suffered injuries.


This is definitely one of the most ridiculous Florida man stories! A man vs woman fight. Why would two black women beat up a disabled Florida man in the Miami Licking? Disabled Vet Nathaniel Mitchell Sr was visiting The Licking restaurant in Miami Gardens, Florida for lunch when he felt the waitress was ignoring him.

Source: Man claims 2 women beat him at Miami Gardens restaurant

“I said, ‘You gonna take my order next, right?'” Mitchell said. “And that’s when the conversation between me and these other two started.”

Mitchell, a disabled veteran, said a discussion with the two black women soon turned violent when they began hitting him repeatedly while two restaurant employees held him down. The disabled Florida Man says he was forced to defend himself after he was jumped by the two ghetto women Monday at the Miami Gardens restaurant.

Nathaniel Mitchell suffered a fractured nose and two black eyes during the brawl.

“I put my hand up like that to keep them off me,” Mitchell recalled. “Then they start pounding me and I started to fight back.”

Surveillance video provided to Local 10 News by the Miami restaurant seems heavily edited because it does not show employees holding Mitchell down, but appears to show an employee trying to break up the fight.

Mitchell’s daughter said the restaurant hasn’t released the full video of the black people fight.

Miami Gardens police were called, but the black women ran from the restaurant before they arrived.

“I think it is very disrespectful how the youth treat the elderly,” Mitchell said.

What is your reaction to the Florida Man fight? Who do you believe? More Florida Man headlines to come!

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