Warriors Vs Timberwolves Highlights; Blown Calls Reaction?

Warriors Vs Timberwolves game highlights are blown calls by NBA refs? Steph Curry & Kevin Durant postgame interview reaction.

The Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves ended up being a 131-130 overtime TWolves win with NBA controversy.

In the final seconds of one of the wildest games of the year with GSW trailing by three and 5.8 seconds remaining in overtime, Kevin Durant received the inbounds pass and immediately went up for a long 3-pointer. The ball went in as the whistle sounded, leading pretty much everyone to think that Durant now had a chance to give the Warriors the lead with a four-point play. The NBA officials ruled that the foul occurred before the shot. The referees ruled No basket, ball out of bounds to the Warriors.

Stephen Curry then hit a game-tying 3-pointer and Wardell was understandably thrilled. He ran down court celebrating, but he also pointed in the direction of one of the NBA refs, who had his back turned to the court. Steph Curry took the opportunity to taunt the ref.

Following that was the controversial foul call on Durant. With 0.5 seconds remaining, the Wolves attempted a lob pass to Karl-Anthony Towns. The referee whistled that KD had pushed KAT in the back while he was attempting to catch the pass, giving Towns two free throws. He stepped up to the line and made the first, then missed the second on purpose to give the Wolves the one-point victory. Many are calling the Kevin Durant foul on Towns ridiculous.

Steph Curry was not pleased with the refs calling referee, Mark Kogut, the MVP of the game. He sounds off and adds guys are really competing and for the game to be decided by the refs is unfortunate. Stephen Curry also said to NBA reporters at Target Center. “They made a run and that’s when it became a game, down the stretch. It’s just tough, effort like that gets sabotaged.”

Kevin Durant disagreed with the last two calls in the Golden State Warriors’ 131-130 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves saying the refs need to get out of the way in crunch time moments and said “My little brother wouldn’t call that foul”. The Golden State Warriors forward also said Marat Kogut was “the best player in the game tonight.” Kogut is the NBA referee who negated a 4-point play that could have won the game for the Warriors vs Timberwolves.

Steve Kerr sounds off and was not happy about final foul call:
“You mean when the lob was going 10 feet over the rim? I haven’t seen that.”

On waving off Durant’s made basket:

“Did I think it was before the shot? I just watched the replay. He caught and he shot. It’s a four-point play. I mean, I don’t know what else to say. Mind-boggling. … In any league that’s a good bucket and a free throw. Any league, not just the NBA.”

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