Trina Shopping At Walmart Called The N Word By Florida Woman

Trina shopping at Walmart confronts racist Florida woman who called the rapper the N word. Was she right to go off on customer?

A Walmart shopper started a big problem when she called Trina the N word in what was a bad situation. A new witness ghetto video obtained by TMZ, Miami rapper Trina can be seen going on a rant and pointing her fingers at a racist lady at Walmart. The white woman, who allegedly referred to her as a N word B word at a Walmart located in Cooper City, Fla. The Florida woman wasn’t caught on camera doing it but w did see Trina in Walmart about to have real beef! The cops ended up getting involved and a fight did not take place. All you could think while watching the Trina video was here we go! This Florida woman must have forgot that Trina Da Baddest B in Hip-Hop. Cooper City is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States.

What would you do if you were Trina and was called the n-word by a racist woman at Walmart? Would you be one of those black people that goes off fighting and causes a public scene? Let me know if you think Why Trina Was Right To Go Off In Walmart on the white lady! I think Trina will be alright.

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