Why Is Thor Fat In Avengers Endgame A Big Problem?


Why is Thor Fat in Avengers Endgame? The God of Thunder is depressed & overweight after Thanos snap. Worth a big reaction?

Plenty of Marvel fans are disappointed with Thor in Avengers Endgame. Some don’t like that Thor is overweight, an alcoholic, depowered and suffering from ptsd, and that Avengers reaction is to make fun of the God of Thunder having problems. Marvel fans thinks The Russo Brothers ruined Thor. Some love Fat Thor. Today’s video I discuss one of the most discussed Avengers Endgame storylines, Thor fat scenes. Thor in Avengers Endgame is dealing with the aftermath of Thanos death and he is not handling it well. He is depressed, overweight, and an alcoholic in New Asgard. Will Chris Hemsworth Fat Thor workout and get back into shape and become the God of Thunder once again? Or will Fat Thor continue in the MCU going into Guardians of the Galaxy 3? I can understand the Fat Thor criticism. In this Thors Avengers Endgame video I explain how did Thor get fat and why he is having the personal problems that is is having. Hopefully after you watch my video, maybe you’ll have a change of mind about the overweight Thor, The God of Thunder.

What is your Fat Thor reaction?

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