Target Karen Meltdown! Crazy Lady Destroys Store Face Masks!

Melissa Brooke Rein who is anti-masker Karen Trump supporter destroys Target face mask display reaction! Lady gets arrested on IG live for her white privileged freakout.


2020 is one wild year for Target stores news! Another Target destroyed by entitled people! A lonely man reacts to an anti mask Arizona Target Karen meltdown. The crazy lady Melissa Brooke Rein went on a profanity-laced tirade inside the retail store, destroying a display of protective face masks in the process. What is your reaction to anti masker Target Karen meltdown in Arizona?

The Karen Instagram video of the incident at the Target location in the Scottsdale-Mesa suburb of Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community has begun making rounds on Twitter, and she has already been dubbed “QAnon Karen.”

The footage starts with Melissa Brooke Rein freaking out while the camera was pointed at a display of protective face coverings. Target Karen can be heard saying: “Finally we meet the end of the road.” The woman also says she has been looking forward to it “her whole life” and that she’s not playing anymore “games.”

The crazy lady is then seen slamming all the masks from the display and onto the floor of the Scottsdale Target, all while saying: “This [expletive] is over.”

The Target lady is seen ripping down all kinds of masks in her rampage, some that are sealed in plastic and others that are open-clothed with no wrapping. As she’s about to clear the last of the masks from the display, she says: “Yay, whooo.”

Two mask-wearing Target employees appear in the viral video. One of them can be heard saying, “Excuse me ma’am,” but she is interrupted by the crazy lady who says, “This is over.” Then brags about being a blonde white woman with a $40,000 Rolex.

The crazy Karen gets arrested by police in what seems like her Scottsdale, AZ home. Karen reaction while filming the entire freakout on Instagram live was to tell the cops she is Jewish as she continued her anti-mask rant and talked about working for President Donald Trump. What a crazy Karen mask freakout. What’s up with these Karen Anti-Maskers?

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