Stephen King Canceled By Woke People Because Oscars So White

Author Stephen King is a trending topic! Woke people try to cancel progressive voice for tweeting about 2020 Oscars So White.

With the Libs So White I mean 2020 Oscars So White Campaign beginning again with woke culture canceling Stephen King. The Pet Sematary author says Art Should Be Judged On ‘Quality’ Not ‘Diversity,’ Gets Torched By Leftists Online

Stephen King trending after the Misery author 2020 Oscars diversity comments received woke outrage responses from Twitter activists playing identity politics.

“With the utmost respect, I think this is quite a bit unfair. When films created by people of color, irrespective of quality, constantly get overlooked by institutions that are predominantly comprised of white men, there is an implicit bias at work here,” one woke leftist activist reminded King on Twitter.

Others simply de-personed King for being among the oppressors.
“Sir, respectfully saying you as a white man can’t really say that. You had more advantages and opportunities than a person of color would have. They have been wrongfully held back in so many ways just because of their color skin,” claimed progressive podcaster, David Weissman.

Some of the woke mob did the typical blame men and simply called Stephen King an old white man with white privilege, and problematic. ‘I don’t see color’ and as problematic,” said one of King’s Twitter followers. Will Hollywood stop making Stephen King movies? Will Stephen King books sales decline due to the cancel culture?

The disrespect of old white men continue with the woke culture of social media. Will woke people cancel Stephen King career?

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