Stacey Dash Arrested For Domestic Violence After Beating Her Husband Jeffrey Marty

Stacey Dash arrested for domestic violence in Pasco County. The Clueless actress hit a Florida man, her husband Jeffrey Marty.

Not the Stacey Dash news anyone wanted today. In breaking news from TMZ, black Republican Stacey Dash, 52, was taken into custody Sunday by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office in Land O’ Lakes about 25 miles north of Tampa, Florida for hitting her new husband Jeffrey Marty.


Stacey Dash and Jeffrey Marty started arguing when the Clueless actress hit him, according to the sheriff’s office. Stacey Dash new husband Jeffrey Marty had scratches on his upper left arm from being pushed, deputies said. Stacey Dash was taken to a jail in Land O’ Lakes, Florida without further incident.


Stacey Dash married Jeffrey Marty in a secret wedding ceremony down in the Sunshine State. Not much is known about her Florida man of 1 year, other than the fact that he’s a lawyer. Maybe he’s a criminal defense lawyer or. It’s the 4th time that Hollywood celebrity Stacey Dash has gotten married, so maybe her husband is a Florida divorce attorney?


What caused the Stacey Dash and Jeffrey Marty fight? Was it her Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs LA Rams reaction? Or maybe the woman couldn’t handle life setbacks in the black entertainment industry anymore such as 3 divorces and getting fired from Fox News?  Regardless if it’s a celeb or regular adult, domestic abuse is never the answer. Hopefully the Clueless actress gets help because it seems like it’s Mo Money Mo Problems for black conservative Stacey Dash. There’s my life advice for Stacey Dash. Hopefully Stacey Dash domestic violence are put behind her!


News source TMZ

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