Spider-Man Far From Home Box Office: Avengers Endgame Update


Spider-Man Far From Home box office opening weekend help 2019 movies & Avengers Endgame vs Avatar? Will it win this week?

2019 box office movies is in a slump. According to Box Office Mojo Marvel Studios Spider-Man: Far from Home box office this week delivered a #1 finish at the weekend box office. Spider-Man Far From Home released in theaters July 2nd, 2019, entering the weekend with over $91 million already in its coffers, and over the three-day it topped that figure, bringing in an estimated $93.6 million for a six-day start totaling over $185 million. Spider-Man Far From Home reaction is also a hit with audiences, just as it was with critics, earning an “A” CinemaScore from opening day crowd. Spider-Man Far From Home opening weekend crowds were 60% male with 42% of the overall audience coming in aged 25 or older.

Internationally, SpiderMan Far from Home box office collection $244 million from 66 markets this weekend for an overseas cume that now totals $395 million and a global tally reaching $580 million.


Avengers Endgame box office earned $3.1 million in North America over the weekend. That brings Avengers box office numbers domestically to $847.9 million.

The Russo Bros Avengers Endgame box office collection internationally sits at $1.9246 billion. Avengers Endgame box office worldwide is $2.7725 billion worldwide cume. With that said Avengers Endgame is $15.5 million away from beating Avatar. Avengers 4 is close to Avatar box office collection of $2.788 billion global cume. Can it beat Avatar? Yes! #whateverittakes

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