Spider-Man Back In MCU Breakdown: Marvel New Deal Explained!

Spider-Man back in the MCU breakdown. Disney & Marvel won Spidey back from Sony for future phase 4 movie. New deal explained.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, we’re getting Spider-Man 3! There was a possible Avengers 5 teaser from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. What about Spiderman in Venom 2? Or a Spider-Man Venom film? Kevin Feige statement from the spider-man back in the MCU press release really teased the Marvel Spidey Verse future.

What is your spider-man back in the mcu reaction?
Will we now see a new Avengers Marvel Phase 4 Movie?


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Reviewing the new Spider-Man Marvel MCU Deal with Sony and Disney. Spiderman is back in the MCU for Marvel Phase 4 Movies. Marvel Spider-Man 3 release date July 16, 2021! Will we finally see a Spider-Man Sinister Six and Spider-Man Venom Crossover. With Venom 2 Carnage filming soon it’s possible we get a Tom Holland Spider Man cameo in the movie. If not, maybe a Venom 2 Post Credit Scene with Spider-Man?

Marvel Studios can now do a Spider-Man Young Avengers movie! Or will we get a Spider-Man Captain Marvel team up movie? There has been rumors that Walt Disney Studios isn’t happy with Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Maybe Tom Holland Spider-Man can help out Brie Larson Captain Marvel 2 movie? New details on what will happen with Spider-Man in the MCU after the next movie. I’ll do more Marvel Spider-Man videos as we get more details!

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