Soulja Boy Breakfast Club Reaction; Young Draco Drake Lies

Soulja Boy lying in Breakfast Club interview. Young Draco lies; says he taught Drake everything & had best comeback of 2018.

No cap! If you find Soulja Boy lying to be entertaining on the internet today, then here, watch the Young Draco Breakfast Club interview lies.

So Soulja Boy decided to drag Tyga, Drake, Kanye West and reclaims having The Best Comeback of 2018 because there’s a new Soulja Boy mixtape out! It all makes sense now that there is a Big Draco Breakfast Club interview.

A Soulja Boy lie happens every time there is a new Big Draco interview. Adamant that Drake copied Soulja Boy flow and that he taught Drake everything he knows when on the Big Soulja Breakfast Club. Big Draco spoke with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne on The Breakfast Club about a number of rapper things. Young Draco claims he exposed Drake. If Soulja Boy taught Drake everything he knows, then shame on Aubrey. However I feel like Soulja Boy talking about Drake is for publicity. For that you now see Soulja Boy trending and has gone viral on the internet today. Congratulations Soulja Boy, you got what you wanted. Soulja Boy talks Kanye West and says, ‘I’m the Reason Why Kanye Act Cocky’ and claims he’s more influential than Kim Kardashian’s husband. So he’s saying that Kanye West stole the Soulja Boy swag. He also claims his comeback was the biggest news of 2018, not Meek Mill. News to me! The Soulja Boy lies in the Breakfast Club interview was just foolishness.

In the Young Draco Breakfast Club interview, the SODMG artist made it clear he wants some respect from the music industry for paving the way for new trash hip-hop music and giving them the blueprint to using social media. “I had to take them. Everyone doing what I did. They laughed at me and now they doing exactly what I did and now I’m being shunned,” he explained. “I’m the reason why all these artists have social media, y’all should thank me. All y’all record labels, you owe me five percent.”

Big Draco not all the way wrong. Soulja Boy albums caused this explosion of sorry rappers by the day, so let’s praise him for his bad Soulja Boy songs that birthed all the trash rappers making YouTube videos that people watch and listen to daily. One of the worst rappers in the history of hip-hop’s crowning achievement!

The Young Draco Breakfast Club interview also talks about his bootleg Nintendo gaming system, the Soulja Boy Game Console, the free gaming device that he recently pulled from shelves after claiming millions in sales. The Soulja Boy gaming console probably is leading to a bunch of Soulja Boy Nintendo legal trouble soon. The Soulja Boy console probably selling for millions on eBay for all I know.

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