Quaden Bayles Bullying Video A Scam? An 18 Year Old Scammer?

Quaden Bayles bullying in school story fake news? Mom film 9 year old bullied boy crying video to scam people for money?


Social Media debates whether bullied kid Quaden Bayles is really 9 years old and whether he and his mother have lied and scammed the internet.

The Quaden Bayles video of bullied boy crying that he’s the 9-year-old victim of bullies and social media is exposing that this person is nothing but a teenage scammer. We stand with Quaden Bayless still?

Quaden Bayles gained the sympathy of legions of supporters from Hollywood a including actor and fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman and American stand-up comedian Brad Williams. Kind hearted people created a Quaden Bayles GoFundMe thinking the bully story was real. Now the internet is saying Quaden Bayles lied about his age and his mother told lies.

What do you think? Is Quaden Bayles scamming people?

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