Prison Break Brazil! Gang Leader Trades Daughter To Escape


Brazilian gang leader Clauvino da Silva tried a Brazil prison break dressed up as a female, his 19 year old daughter.

Brazil gang leader dresses up as teenage daughter in jail-break attempt . Clauvino da Silva, a drug dealer in Brazil was caught trying to escape from the jail where he was locked up by disguising himself as his 19-year-old daughter when she visited him behind bars. Janeiro dressed in her clothes and wearing a silicon girl’s mask and long dark-haired wig, but his nervousness gave him away, prison officials said. Brasil Prison authorities in Rio de Janeiro released a video showing the inmate wearing a wig, a silicone mask, a bra and a tight-fitting T-shirt. The 42-year-old removes the items one by one to reveal a muscular physique very unlike that of his daughter. Officials said the daughter could be charged with aiding a prison escape. They said the 19-year-old had come to visit her father, Clauvino da Silva, at the jail in Rio de Janeiro known as Bangu 3, where he was serving a sentence of 73 years and 10 months. Officials released a video in which da Silva can be seen removing the mask and some of the clothes.

One of the wildest prison stories I have heard. Definitely a Foiled jail-break for gang leader dressed up as daughter. I doubt he will be getting a Father’s Day visit next year in prison.

News Source: Brazilian Drug Trafficker Tries To Escape Prison Disguised As His Daughter

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