Pamela Anderson Halloween Costume Too Scary For Woke Culture

Pamela Anderson Halloween Costume backlash! Is it cultural appropriation? Will the woke culture cancel the Baywatch actress?

Social Media users are accusing the Pamela Anderson Baywatch star of cultural appropriation after she tweeted two photos of herself wearing nothing but white underwear and a traditional Native American headdress on Halloween.

News Source Yahoo: Pamela Anderson Slammed on Social Media for Wearing Native American Headdress on Halloween

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In the first Halloween photo Pamela Anderson can be seen covered in white paint, holding the large feather piece over her shoulder. While in the second, the actress poses on a staircase wearing the massive headdress.

“Happy Halloween 👻” Pamela Anderson wrote alongside the pair of Halloween pictures.

The controversial Halloween costume received instant backlash, with many social media users calling Anderson’s post racist and insensitive.

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