Myles Garrett Mason Rudolph Fight Started By The N Word?

Myles Garrett Mason Rudolph fight continues. Thursday Night Football Browns Steelers brawl started after QB called DE the N word.

According to an ESPN report, Myles Garrett accused Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Mason Rudolph of using a racial slur during his initial comments at the appeal hearing overseen by appeals officer James Thrash. That is why the Myles Garrett helmet swing happened. Thrash, who is jointly appointed by the NFL and NFLPA, reportedly “remained stoic and took copious notes” as Myles Garrett spoke and then asked how Garrett would act differently in the future.

Mason Rudolph’s attorney issued a strong denial of Garrett’s claim, which he called “reckless and shameful.” Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten released a statement as well.

“Mason vehemently denies the report of being accused of using a racial slur during the incident Thursday night in Cleveland,” Lauten said. “He will not discuss this accusation any further and his focus remains on preparation for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.”

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett suspension was upheld. So his last hail mary pass failed him. His indefinite suspension stands from the Browns vs Steelers fight.

The NFL announced on Thursday that appeals officer James Thrash ruled that all discipline given to Garrett be upheld. That means Garrett will miss at least the rest of the 2019 season and the expectation is that he’ll have to meet with the league before being reinstated.

The NFL also fined Myles Garrett $45,623, Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports.

The Mason Rudolph Myles Garrett fight which featured the helmet swinging incident has cost him millions.

The six game Myles Garrett suspension for the rest of this season will cost him $1.139 million in lost pay. He has a base salary of $3.229 million this season.

Source: Pro Football Talk 


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