Men In Black International Box Office Flop On Tessa Thompson

Men In Black International Box Office weekend flop on Tessa Thompson? The black feminist actress the real reason MIB bombed?

According to Box Office Mojo Sony’s Men in Black International box office bombed earning $28.5 million. This is the lowest opening in the MIB franchise by over $20 million as all three of the previous Men In Black movies opening weekends grossed with over $50 million. The $110 million production received negative reviews and opening day audiences gave MIB international a “B” CinemaScore. Internationally, Men in Black box office earned in $73.7 million from 36 markets, giving the film a global debut over $102 million. China led all markets with $26.3 million and a #1 opening followed by Russia ($5.1m), South Korea ($4.9m), Mexico ($3.9m), Japan ($3.5m), UK ($3.4m), Australia ($2.6m) and France ($2.5m). The film opened in approximately 92% of the marketplace with debuts in Belgium (Jun 19), Netherlands (Jun 20) and Italy (Jul 25) remaining.

Is Men in Black International disappointing box office weekend Tessa Thompson fault? Did her SJW cringe cause the MIB International box office flop? Or maybe it was the Men in Black cast not having Will Smith? The Men In Black film series box office numbers has declined each movie.

I talk about two Tessa Thompson Men in Black International interviews and quotes that people have ran with that I think are taken out of context.

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