Melissa Villaseñor White Male Rage

Melissa Villaseñor White Male Rage cries about Joker to woke culture that mad at 2020 Oscar snubs on the SNL weekend update.

Melissa Villaseñor stops by Weekend Update to sing about some Oscar-nominated films like Joker…and white male rage.

The 92nd Annual Academy Awards is near and January 25, 2020 Saturday Night Live hosted by Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Adam Driver with musical guest Halsey can’t help but to do their sjw jokes for the woke culture. SNL dedicated a white man hate segment in its Jan. 26 “Weekend Update” to cast member Melissa Villaseñor so she could share her thoughts on the 2020 Oscar nominations. thoughts about a number of the nominees — and one notable snub.

She claims this will be an Oscar Nominee theme and began singing about the Joker movie.

“Joaquin Phoenix, skinny, skinny/laughs a lot but still so scary/dances on steps, goes stompy, stomy/puts a pillow over crazy mommy,” she sang. “But the thing that this movie is really about is white male rage, white male rage, white male rage.”

The next song she performed was for “The Irishman”: “This movie has a lot to offer/Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa/gangster life gets kind of messy/Robert De Niro and little Joe Pesci/it’s three hours long/they’re old and they’re young/and it’s white male rage, white male rage, white male rage.”

Although she said she had “a whole bunch” of these, she decided to combine them all for a medley.

“Manson, Hitler, white male rage,” she sang while the posters for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “Jojo Rabbit” were keyed in as graphics to her right.

“World War I ’cause of white male rage,” she continued, with “1917” as the graphic.

“‘Little Women,’ big performances, but Greta Gerwig snubbed because of white male rage. Buzz and Woody at it again, it’s white male rage, white male rage, white male rage.”

Watch Saturday Night Live Weekend Update: Melissa Villaseñor on Oscar Snubs – SNL

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