Kristian Harloff Star Wars Galaxys Edge Collider Live Rant


Collider Live Kristian Harloff denied entry to Disneyland Star Wars Galaxys Edge preview. Rant to Roxy Striar on podcast show.

Collider Video’s Jedi Council host Kristian Harloff went manbaby meltdown mode about how Disney and Lucasfilm denied him first look entry to STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE preview at Disneyland. He went on to say during the Collider Live podcast he would bocyott Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge on the later Jedi Council podcast episode. Roxy Striar questioned the Schmoes Know creator motives during the podcast interview. Kristian Harloff then got into an argument with Collider Live producer. Sounds like a lot of Star Wars fan entitlement by Collider Live Kristian Harloff.

What do you think of the Kristian Harloff interview? Do you agree with his stance on giving Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge press?

What about the argument with his producer? Seems like a future Schmoedown episode to me!

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