Kathleen Kennedy Fired, Star Wars Fans Want; And Then What?

Kathleen Kennedy fired is the Star Wars news the Fandom Menace wants. If the force pushes her out, will the Disney wars end?

Star Wars Episode 9 is right around the corner and The Last Jedi backlash continues to be a force. Many loyal fans say Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars boss to go. The controversial President of Lucasfilm is a bigger movie villain than Kylo Ren to lifelong fans of Star Wars movies.

The Star Wars films are ruined to fandom menace and people want Kathleen Kennedy gone months ago.To the point that a star wars boycott is going on. There are a lot of Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars rumors causing problems on the internet. I’m just here to give the latest Star Wars movie updates to you with real facts. There aren’t any real news reports on Kathleen Kennedy leaving LucasFilm to report on. Most are Star Wars clickbait videos. It’s essentially Star Wars fake news. So I get to the real facts about this Kathleen Kennedy fired from Star Wars YouTube gossip. I talk about her history as a female producer in Hollywood. I also talk about what happens after firing Kathleen Kennedy. Here’s a Star Wars theory. The next boss could be a real deal SJW, man or woman who will have to have Star Wars explained constantly and they don’t listen and ruin Luke Skywalker even more. We don’t know if Kathleen Kennedy will be stepping down from Lucasfilm or continuing to run the Walt Disney Studios subsidiary. When legit Star Wars media report news that Walt Disney Studios is kicking Kathleen Kennedy out of LucasFilm, you will know about it. But, until then when you come across a Star Wars video reporting Kathleen Kennedy is getting fired on YouTube, they’re mostly fake news to capitalize on the backlash. I’m giving to you a balance to the force about the alleged Star Wars feminism representative wearing the force is female empowerment apparel.

Star Wars fans! In the comments let me know, what are your thoughts on these baseless Star Wars rumors I touched on in this video! I also have two Star Wars questions for you to answer! I want to hear from you sweaty nerds!

– Do you want Kathleen Kennedy Fired?

– If Walt Disney Studios fire Kathleen Kennedy as President of LucasFilm, who do you want to replace her?

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