John Campea Open Mic – Saturday August 17th 2019 Attacks Star Wars Fandom


John Campea Open Mic August 17, 2019 show attacks Star Wars fandom for The Last Jedi backlash. SW fan reacts to Disney shill. His open mic show does live questions and answers for movie fans about their favorite things in the world from movies, movie news, TV and all sorts of entertainment talk. One Star Wars fan submitted a comment for TJCS about The Last Jedi hate. The person attacked Star Wars fans by name calling. John Campea Star Wars talk when it comes to fandom always ends with attacking fans. This is when his shilling for Disney Star Wars returns. John Campea responded and proceeded to call the Fandom Menace a cancerous toxic segment of Star Wars fans. John Campea attacked the Fandom Menace by calling Star Wars nerds racist, sexist, psychos. He used a lot of media buzzwords. He also thinks that the Star Wars fandom has a problem with women and black guys. Well this black Star Wars fans has no problem with either being in a Galaxy far far away. John Campea rant was nothing but Disney shill cringe rant. The Disney shill was wrong for what he said and a lonely man exposed John Campea for the idiot that he is. Access media never defends SW fans and never says Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson ruined Star Wars for what they did to Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. They always attack Star Wars fandom. They never ask why Star Wars fans hate Disney Star Wars films, they always get mad and blast people that didn’t like The Last Jedi. Does Disney understand Star Wars fans? I don’t think so because Disney shill John Campea continues to spew out these bad Star Wars quotes. The Star Wars fandom menace exposed Disney shills for what they and brought a collectives of SW fans together who hate The Last Jedi.

WATCH: John Campea Open Mic – Saturday August 17th 2019

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