John Campea Collider CEO Marc Fernandez Interview Reaction

John Campea Collider CEO Marc Fernandez In Studio for exclusive interview to address fan reaction on The John Campea Show.

More Collider video drama! A lonely man reacts reacting to Collider CEO Marc Fernandez In Studio With John on The John Campea Show. John Campea and Marc Fernandez address Collider cancelled reaction from fans and on the live show address Jack Hind response to movie talk ending.


Collider Jack Hind, the alleged second in command was talking trash on Twitter and was called out by former Collider employees Ken Napzok and John Campea. Collider cancelled Movie Talk, Jedi Council, Collider Live, Rule of Two, Collider Podcast, and Collider Heroes to create more YouTube content like Comic Book Shopping and The Deepfake Saga. Personalities like Roxy Strier, Mark Reilly, Mark Ellis, Perri Nemiroff, and John Rocha have went on to start their own YouTube channels.


Here’s the full press release on the Collider changes they’re making.

Collider to Refocus Video Content in New Era of Entertainment
(Los Angeles, CA – January 2, 2020) Collider announced today a refocusing of its video content as a new and exciting era begins for the company. In its two years operating as an independent entity, Collider has steadily developed its slate of video offerings, revamping its daily programming and producing premium series including Comic Book Shopping, Above The Line, The Deepfake Saga, Ladies Night, and For Your Consideration. As the company continues expanding its commitment to high-quality, scripted, unscripted, and celebrity-driven content across all media and platforms, its video division will refocus its efforts on premium content that goes beyond film and television commentary.

“The support for our original programs – Movie Talk, Collider Live, Jedi Council, and Heroes – has been immense, and we’re forever grateful to our loyal audience and everyone involved in the successful production of these shows on and off camera,” said Marc Fernandez, CEO of Collider. “As Collider continues to expand, we look forward to bringing our audience new and exciting video content in 2020 and beyond.”, one of the most-visited entertainment news websites, will continue its successful, in-depth reporting on the entertainment industry with breaking news, original features, and extensive interviews. It will continue working alongside both Collider Video and Collider Games, a full-service virtual reality development studio, to evolve the Collider brand alongside its global audience.

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