Jennifer Lawrence Required Male X-Men Dark Phoenix Director

Jennifer Lawrence required male director for X-Men Dark Phoenix or JLaw would not return for new Marvel movie interview says.

In THR X-Men Dark Phoenix interview it was revealed that Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was ready to walk away from Mystique role after her contract exposed director Simon Kinberg said. The X-Men director said “Jen said she wouldn’t come back for another movie unless I directed it.”

I don’t see this as a bad thing. I feel like the X-Men Jennifer Lawrence movies would have been better without her as I think JLaw was miscast as the Mystique character. Jennifer Lawrence in the X-Men movies just does not work for me.

I made this video because when writer & producer Simon Kinberg was announced as the director for the new X-Men Dark Phoenix movie, there was backlash. Why? Because he was a white man that was a first time film director. There were people upset because Fox did not hire a female director for the final X-Men film. Pretty funny Jennifer Lawrence news for me seeing the reason Simon Kinberg was hired is due to JLaw asking for him. What a moment for diversity.

Also, in The Hollywood Reporter article, Aaron Couch said to Simon Kinberg X-Men feels like an outdated name, given that many of its members are women.” X-Men fans, do you feel that the X-Men name is sexist?


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