Hurricane Dorian: A Florida Man Knows How To Stop 2019 Storm

How to stop Hurricane Dorian? Try not to laugh! Florida Man has the answers to stop the catastrophic 2019 Category 5 storm.

With Hurricane Dorian heading towards the U.S. coastline a Florida man thinks the military should just drop some ice in the water.

“I don’t see how they haven’t come up with some way to combat these storms yet,” said an unidentified Palm Bay man to Florida Today’s Tyler Vasquez.
“All this warm weather and warm water. We have Navy,” he says, looking directly at the camera.

“Why don’t the Navy come and drop ice in the warm water so it don’t, so it can’t get going as fast as it’s going,” he says while wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Not stopping at ice, the Palm Bay man also would like the Air Force to get involved.
“There’s gotta be ways to combat this, other than just pointing at the thing and going, ‘Well, now it’s getting worse,’” he says, laughing. “Well we know it’s getting worse. But you tell us, ‘Oh it’s the warm weather. Oh, it’s the wind.’ Drive some Air Force planes around to get the winds going the other way. The Navy to go in circles, to fight it the other way.”

Was this Florida man joking in this funny video? Who knows, but the Florida Man does have some valid points on how to stop a hurricane from happening. Maybe we should listen to the Florida man! It’s a better idea than climate change or President Donald Trump saying to Nuke a Hurricane. Do you think you know how to stop a hurricane?

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