Hollywood Celebs ‘Take Responsibility’ for Racism in PSA

I Take Responsibility is a new cringe video PSA by woke Hollywood celebrities apologizing to black people for white privilege.

In the latest celebrity news, white Hollywood and their fake woke message keeps failing! A lonely man reacts to a new Hollywood white celebrity studded PSA for the “I Take Responsibility” campaign. The new PSA that debuted today in partnership with the NAACP featuring a cadre of stars staring directly into cameras as they pledge to take responsibility for how they’ve perpetuated racism or allowed it to go on in their presence via silence or inaction, in “unchecked moments,” or by “turning a blind eye.” The cringe video features “influential voices from the white community [taking] responsibility for turning the racist tide in America.” What is your I Take Responsibility reaction? Let me know in the comments!

The Hollywood stars & NAACP “I Take Responsibility” PSA on Unchecked Racism video is in black & white video starts out with Hollywood stars like include Sarah Paulson, Julianne Moore, Justin Theroux, Stanley Tucci, Aaron Paul, Kristen Bell, Mark Duplass, Bryce Dallas Howard, Debra Messing, Ilana Glazer, Kesha, Bethany Joy Lenz, Piper Perabo and others. All staring at the camera and saying, “I take responsibility,” followed by a time they may have ignored racial injustice.

Julianne Moore tweeted the video and added, “Today, I Take Responsibility for my role in eradicating racism in America. Unless white America acknowledges its privilege, systemic racism will persist. Act Now. What will you commit to?”

These woke Hollywood celebs pledge to act against racism in new video, but it seems more like a phony act of wokeness. What do you think of these white Hollywood celebrities Sharing this cringe video?

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