Gym Protest In Florida Man! Protesters Do Squats & Push-Ups!

Gym protest in Clearwater Florida challenges social distancing. Gym protesters do squats & push-ups outside county courthouse.

A lonely man who follows the stay at home order talks about the buffoonery that is a new Florida Man headline. As the pandemic continues, Florida protesters in Pinellas County, FL are taking to the Clearwater streets to voice their frustration with The Sunshine State government lockdown rules. Floridian protesters are so serious about their fitness and making it to the gym apparently. Floridians protest gym lockdown today in Clearwater, FL! The Lonely Banter calls this Florida news, foolishness!


Small groups of protesters Pinellas County Courthouse in Clearwater, Florida do pushups and squats as a form of protest calling for gyms to reopen in the State of Florida.

Florida Gyms have been closed since Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a statewide safer-at-home order last month to slow the spread of. That executive order expired when the state started the first phase of reopening last week.

But Florida’s gyms – at this point – aren’t allowed to reopen until the state reaches Phase Two of the governor’s reopening plan. The Florida morons are not happy about this!

A group of 20 to 30 people gathered outside the Pinellas County Courthouse in Clearwater on Monday morning to protest that, calling for gyms to reopen now so employees can get back to work and customers can return.

The protesters held signs and waved flags outside the courthouse begging for a Florida reopening of gyms. At a few points, they hit the sidewalk pavement to do push-ups and squats.

According to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ current plan, gyms will be allowed to reopen in Phase Two but will be limited to 75 percent capacity. They will also have to adhere to strict protocols when it comes to social distancing and sanitation.

• News source WFLA News Channel 8

What is your gym protest reaction? Is this a foolishness of the week headline?

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