Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer Hate From SJW Triggered Men

Ghostbusters Afterlife official trailer erases 2016 feminist cringe movie from canon. SJW triggered men rant with rage & hate!

It crazy how these beta male nerds react to Ghostbuster Afterlife trailer. Social justice leftists on woke Twitter are outraged over new Ghostbusters Trailer. The 2020 movie officially abolishes the female Ghostbusters fail from history and sjws react with nothing but outrage. It’s obvious by their Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer reaction that they didn’t really watch the teaser. These beta males pay little attention to the Ghostbusters Afterlife details and just rant their SJW cringe about the official trailer. The reaction is just as you would expect for the Ghostbusters 2016 fans. SJWs complain that Ghostbusters Afterlife panders to “manbabies”. The Jason Reitman Ghostbusters Afterlife reaction to the trailer is much better than Ghostbusters 2016 disaster and male feminists such as blue check mark Twitter NME Journalist James McMahon cannot handle the fact that Ghostbusters 2020 is happening. Instead of celebrating positive Ghostbusters news, these beta males have to make it about themselves.

NME Journalist James McMahon Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer reaction on Twitter:

F*** that Ghostbusters trailer. You don’t reward regressive fanboys – many of whom created an atmosphere of racist, misogynist toxicity that led to a leading lady leaving this very platform – by MAKING THE VERY FILM THEY WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE

McMahon would not be alone in his Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer reaction. SJW Matthew Rodriguez, the editor of The Body, stated:
lmao of course Ghostbusters: Afterlife is about family and lineage and legacy and all these other white patriarchal American values. It’s literally a reaction to the idea of 4 women, including one Black woman. The franchise must assert its “REAL” predecessor.

Social justice Warrior and WIRED staff producer Adam Lance Garcia added
“This, of course, is not to discount Ghostbusters (2016), a film that was unfairly attacked by the worst kind of humans, (most of whom were men, because men are inherently emotional and irrational and get angry when women do anything, to which I say, go f*** yourselves dudes.)”

Maybe sjw Ghostbusters 2016 shouldn’t have played identity politics male feminists! These sjw men just want points from feminist for bashing the Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer. That’s all!

What was your Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer reaction fans?

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