Game Of Thrones Finale Reaction and Season 8 Review

Game Of Thrones Finale reaction and reaction. Satisfying series end or disappointment. Talking season 8 episode 6 ending.


Game of thrones season 8 episode 6 highlights: Mad Queen Daenerys dies, Bran is named king, Tyrion is named hand, Jon Snow is exiled to Night Watch and sees Ghost again, Sansa Stark is named queen of the North, and Arya leaves. Was it a satisfying Game of Thrones ending for you?

“Blood of my blood. You kept all your promises to me. You killed my enemies. … You tore down their stone houses. … You gave me the Seven Kingdoms!” – Mad Queen Daenerys Targaryen addressing her troops in the Game Of Thrones season 8 finale.

I enjoyed doing throne talk during the final season. A lot of fun for me doing Game of Thrones reviews. A lot of game of thrones reactions from fans was that season 8 sucks, I disagree. It mainly started with Daenerys heel turn after The Bells episode. It will be interesting to see the TV ratings for the finale after the Game Of Thrones petition to redo season 8. It’s going to suck not hearing the Game of Thrones theme song live on HBO anymore.

What was your Game Of Thrones finale reaction?


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I hope you enjoyed Game of Thrones Finale Reaction and Review!

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