Florida Teen Arrested In Plot To Put An End To Parents Lives

Florida teen arrested for stealing money from parents in a for hire plot to end them. Alyssa Hatcher not an average teenage girl.


If it’s not Florida Man news, it’s Florida Woman, but this time we have a Florida teen headline with former high school cheerleader Alyssa Hatcher hailing from Umatilla, FL in Lake County.

Police arrest 17 year old Lake County, Florida teenage girl Alyssa Michelle Hatcher after she stole her parents’ debit card and withdrew more than $1,400, according to an arrest affidavit from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Witnesses told police the Florida teen had given a friend “a lot of money” to find someone to kill her parents.

After police arrested Alyssa Michelle Hatcher, her boyfriend snitched and told detectives that he’d seen her at a “known drug house” Monday morning, where she told him of her plan.

Authorities found the Florida teen at her Umatilla, Florida home, and she told police she spent $100 on cocaine, then gave $400 to a friend to hire someone to terminate her parents. When the act was not carried out, she gave the other $900 to someone else to commit the crime.

The Florida teen’s parents were not injured but decided to press charges on their daughter. Alyssa Hatcher was arrested on two counts of criminal solicitation of murder.

Sgt. Fred Jones of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said investigators were trying to figure out a motive for the Florida woman.

“There were people who were saying on social media how much she hates her parents,” Jones said, according to ClickOrlando.com.

“There’s nothing that your parents can do — being you’re grounded, your cars taken away, you can’t go to the prom or wherever — for you to get to this point,” said Jones, the news outlet reported.
Hatcher was booked at the Lake County Jail, where she was processed and turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Florida Teen News Sources

USA Today: Florida teen tried to kill parents in murder-for-hire plot with money stolen from them, police say
Yahoo: Fla. Teen Allegedly Stole Parents’ Debit Card to Fund M*rder-for-Hire Plot Against Them
CNN: A Florida teen accused of trying to have her parents k*lled in m*rder-for-hire plot is ordered to remain in detention

Not sure why people are using headlines like “Florida teen accused” when she admitted to what she did. What do you think of this Florida teen news? What would you do if you were the Florida girl parents?

More Florida man stories to come!

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