Egg Boy Praised As Hero For Australian Senator Attack; Why?

New Zealand Egg Boy Will Connolly attacks Australian senator Fraser Anning. Egging viral video praised on social media. Why?

Will Connolly, a New Zealand teen who was dubbed “The Egg Boy” after smashing on an egg on the head of Queensland Senator Fraser Anning was captured on live TV. In the Egg Boy full video, Anning slaps the thug two times after the egging, and then Connolly is tackled to the ground and put in a chokehold. Local police arrested Egg Boy. Australian senator Fraser Anning retaliating on Egg Boy gave Will Connolly an instant reality check.

A GoFundMe titled “Money for Eggboi” has been started for the Australian teen and had raised more than $50,000. The money was supposed to go toward Connolly’s legal fees and “more eggs,” according to the campaign, but the teen has said he is going to donate his money to the victims of the shooting, according to CBS News.

Victoria Police later announced that Connolly was released without charges.

Connolly spoke out on social media afterward, saying the moment made him feel “proud to exist as a human being.” Twitter has since removed his account.

I don’t understand how people are praising assault. There are egg boy memes out there and social media are celebrating the now internet superstar for his actions. People are calling Egg Boy an Australia hero. How Sway? If the Australian senator was a black man or a woman, Egg Boy Will Connolly would not be praised. If Fraser Anning was a liberal and Egg Boy Will Connolly wore a MAGA hat, he would have been blasted by the media.

Do you think it was right for Will Connolly Egg Boy to attack Senator Fraser Anning?

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