Disney Cast Member Punched Over Tower Of Terror Fast Pass

Disney World Cast Member punched by guest over Hollywood Studios Tower Of Terror ride because she didn’t have a Fast Pass.

More Disney madness after the 7/6/19 fight at Disneyland. A Disney World tourist visiting Hollywood Studios got so angry when she was told her FastPass wouldn’t work on the Tower of Terror ride, that she assaulted a Disney cast member, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The Disney Cast Member said a 23-year-old Chicago woman and the guests she was with got angry and verbally aggressive when she told them that their Fast Pass wasn’t valid for the Hollywood Studios ride. As she was using the podium phone to call for Disney security, the Chicago woman began repeatedly pressing buttons, some of which could affect the Tower of Terror ride, the report said.

The Disney cast member moved the woman’s hand away, and that’s when she was punched in the face, according to Orange County authorities.

Orange County Deputies said the victim had minor swelling near her left eye but they employee refused medical attention and declined prosecution against the Chicago tourist after being physically abused at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The woman who punched the Tower of Terror ride attendant was not arrested, has been trespassed from Disney property. This Disney guest should have been arrested for punching the Disney cast member at the Tower of Terror Ride.

What is your reaction to more Disney violence? What would you have done if you was a Disney cast member and got punched by a WDW guest? Is being banned from Disney World enough?

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