Deion Sanders ESPN 30 For 30 Review; Double Play Highlights

Deion Sanders 30 for 30 review. Primetime made a double play for the Braves & Falcons; played football and baseball same day.

My reaction to the ESPN 30 For 30 Deion Sanders Double Play documentary is wow. Deion playing baseball & football on the same day? What a day for Prime Time! I give my ESPN 30 for 30 review on one of the greatest sports athletes of all time, Prime Time Deion Sanders. How was he able to handle an NFL football game around a pair of postseason MLB baseball games, in two different cities a thousand miles apart. What a career the pro football hall of fame corner back had.

You have to watch Deion Sanders ESPN 30 for 30. It’s centered around Deion Sanders Atlanta Braves baseball contract It shows when Deion Sanders pours water on reporter Tim Mccarver! Does Deions Sanders 30 for 30 end up being one of the top sports documentaries ESPN Films has produced? Well, you have to watch the Deion’s Double Play review! Deion Primetime Sanders is a funny man!

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