Dark Phoenix Box Office: Worst X Men Movie Opening Weekend!


Dark Phoenix box office flopped. Wasn’t the top movie this weekend. Worst Marvel X-Men opening weekend ever! Fox film failed.

The number one movie this week was not X-Men Dark Phoenix, it was The Secret Life of Pets 2. How sad. According to Box Office Mojo X-Men Dark Phoenix box office numbers earned $33 million dollars domestically. Dark Phoenix is looking to have a $82.5 million domestic run making it the first X-Men movie in the Marvel Fox franchise to finish below $100 million domestically. The Dark Phoenix film received a “B-” CinemaScore from opening day audiences, which is a grade below the “A-” score for X-Men: Apocalypse, as audiences seemed to agree with the negative critical reception. The audience was 57% male with 61% of the opening weekend crowd coming in aged 25 years or older. Dark Phoenix movie reviews have also been less positive.

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Internationally, X-Men Dark Phoenix box office collection debuted in all markets but Japan this weekend, bringing in an estimated $107 million, led by a $45.6 million opening in China. Additional openings include South Korea ($5.7m), Mexico ($5.0m), UK ($4.9m), France ($3.8m), Russia ($3.4m), Brazil ($2.9m), Philippines ($2.4m), Taiwan ($2.3m) and India ($2.3m). The film will open in Japan on June 21.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Box Office Numbers Opening Weekend
Domestic: $33,000,000
Foreign: $107,000,000
Worldwide: $140,000,000

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