Captain Marvel Box Office Report; MCU Movie #1 Weekend Debut

Captain Marvel box office report. Male MCU fans helped the Brie Larson Avengers Endgame prelude do big numbers opening weekend.

The MCU box office continues to be a juggernaut with Captain Marvel earning $153 million opening gross in the US and combined $455 million worldwide this week. The gender breakdown showed that Men were 55 percent of the audience for the first female led superhero film in the MCU. Males helped the Brie Larson Captain Marvel movie win the weekend box office. So much for a gender divide with MCU fans The Hollywood Reporter. I wonder what percentage of that were white men. According to Box Office Mojo, 64% of the film’s opening weekend crowd was aged 25 or older, which ranks as one of the older audiences for an MCU film, while it earned an “A” CinemaScore.

If you want to know my thoughts on the Captain Marvel movie. Look below

Watch Captain Marvel No Spoiler Review
Watch Captain Marvel Spoiler Review

What are your thoughts on the Captain Marvel weekend box office numbers?


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