Brie Larson Nissan Sentra Commercial & Fake Woke Interview

Brie Larson Nissan Sentra commercial & Refuse To Compromise interview explained everything wrong with Captain Marvel.

The Brie Larson Nissan commercial Introduces the radically redesigned All-New 2020 Nissan Sentra. With more standard safety features than any other car in its class. However, the “Refuse To Compromise” Explained By Brie Larson interview shows that the commercial is a disaster. The amount of eye rolling fake wokeness in the Brie Larson Nissan commercial is eye rolling and hilarious. Things most likely will go from bad to worse for Nissan auto sales in 2020. What were the Nissan marketing teams thinking with making an empowering feminist Brie Larson commercial designed hate men during Women’s History Month?

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