Brie Larson Interview: Wants MCU All Female Avengers Movie

Brie Larson interview has the Captain Marvel actress wanting an all female Avengers movie instead of new white male MCU teamup.

CNet asked Brie Larson the question
If Carol Danvers were to show up in another MCU film like Thor Ragnarock, which was kind of a buddy movie between Hulk and Thor, what character would you want to team up with?

Brie Larson says
“I’m still really into this idea of an all-female Avengers movie. Getting all the women together and getting them to work as a team … would be so powerful and iconic. You realize the beauty of these new superhero movies is that everybody has their own special skills they bring to the table. Their own, you know, superpower. And to see women work together, and in that way as a team, is not something we’ve seen enough of on screen.“

MCU fans!
Do you want an all female Avengers movie in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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