Brie Larson SJW Captain Marvel Feminist White Savior Rant

Brie Larson white men interview comments. Captain Marvel not for film critic dudes? Is SJW Brie Larson sexist or racist rant?


A new Captain Marvel rant! The actress goes SJW cringe and takes a stand with her identity politics and Captain Marvel feminism! Brie Larson sexist comments on Captain Marvel SJW press tour with no Vaseline. A lot of MCU fans are hot and think the Oscar winning actress Brie Larson hates white men. It’s like every single Brie Larson Captain Marvel interview talks white dudes. I have no problem with women in film, but I’m anti SJW and not here for her patriarchy and Marvel movie news cringe by liberal media. But I have been marginalized by the SJW NPC crowd. Sjws always lie!


I talk about the IndieWire article titled “Brie Larson Isn’t Letting Her ‘Captain Marvel’ Press Tour Be ‘Overwhelmingly’ White and Male”. The social justice warrior said she is committed to making the Captain Marvel promo tour as inclusive as possible. All Marvel movie’s upcoming press junkets are looking to have no white men and more diversity and inclusion. Black men don’t count btw. Why is the feminist triggered by white men so much? Has feminist Brie Larson forgot that she’s a single white female? I’m a black man in a white world who feels the need to react to the SJW cringe that is the Brie Larson white dudes hating trainwreck called the Captain Marvel movie promo run. The MCU going SJW is a problem Marvel fans with all of this feminism and pandering. She looks like a SJW NPC that is trying to end the Marvel Cinematic Universe from within. Captain Marvel will flop with the fans and is being tainted by Brie Larson SJW. We don’t care about the boring sjw movies. We want the best marvel movies without pandering. But it might be too late for Disney Bob Iger & Marvel Studios Kevin Feige to save us from the MCU going SJW. At least we’ll have the MCU before Brie Larson Captain Marvel SJW movie pandering started.


A SJW Brie Larson speech made Hollywood headlines last year with her identity politics screaming for gender equality and social inclusion within the film critic. Brie Larson Crystal Lucy Awards speech she called the lack of equality diversity and inclusion among movie critics an “issue that’s been bubbling.”


“Am I saying I hate white dudes?” The academy award winning actress said. “No, I’m not … [but if] you make the movie that is a love letter to women of color, there is an insanely low chance a woman of color will have a chance to see your movie and review your movie.” She’s saying “Captain Marvel not for white men” white MCU fans!


How come whenever SJW Brie Larson talks about the new Captain Marvel movie, she has to do the white men hate routine? She seems like a feminist triggered by the sight of white dudes. It’s funny because Brie Larson boyfriend history all includes white men. The Academy Award winning actress doesn’t seem to have a diverse love life. I guess the Captain Marvel actress white men hate doesn’t apply to SJW dating then. That’s feminist ideology and SJW logic for ya!


Brie Larson On Captain Marvel “It was, like, my superpower. This could be my form of activism: doing a film that can play all over the world and be in more places than I can be physically.” A White female superhero character being an activist lol. White Savior Brie Larson SJW doing the good work! Who is she supposed to be? An actress or an activist? She can be both, but don’t use your movie promo for your sjw movement. The upcoming superhero movie Captain Marvel isn’t that deep. It is one of the best marvel female superheroes of all time in the first women led MCU movie! The liberal media bias won’t let you forget that. The way things are it’s safe to say that Brie Larson Captain Marvel character is feminist.

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  • Brie Larson is an unsympathetic, unattractive actress without talent.
    Most women can’t stand withe a SJW-Bitch like her.

    And little girls prefer Wonder Women over Captain Marvel.