Brie Larson Captain Marvel Reaction; MCU Fan Gender Divide?

Captain Marvel movie MCU fan divide? Not Brie Larson SJW white men rants THR? The SJW Media lies and manipulation will fail!

Another Brie Larson Captain Marvel controversy rant. The Brie Larson sjw feminism needs to stop. Brie Larson hates men and it’s obvious. Whatever issues Brie Larson has with white dudes; she needs to keep it to herself or else Captain Marvel will fail. Like they say Marvel Studios, get woke go broke! Brie Larson Captain Marvel trailer reactions shows that there is an MCU fan gender divide writes Rebecca Keegan of THR. That is identity politics and SJW agenda by the liberal media. Just like the shill media to attack fans.

I’m tired of her less white male critics in the film industry talk. It was even confirmed by Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck that the MCU going SJW in movies is going to happen Marvel fans. It’s pretty obvious what the shill media is doing with the feminist agenda too. Expect more Captain Marvel sjw cringe articles filled with Brie Larson white dudes quotes. She’s a feminist triggered with a fake woke agenda and the Brie Larson SJW Marvel talk will not stop fans. The Brie Larson white men hate will hurt the Captain Marvel box office numbers. The Captain Marvel box office predictions are already falling because of feminist Brie Larson white dudes comments. Remember, go woke go broke!

Here’s the blog quote from Disney shill feminist journalist Rebecca Keegan of THR.

“Some reactions to the marketing for the film suggest there still exists a gender divide among the Marvel audience, as when some male fans on social media complained that Larson wasn’t smiling in the trailer, with one Twitter user going so far as to Photoshop a smile onto her face. Larson responded to the “smile more” critique — one familiar to many female politicians — by posting an Instagram story that featured Marvel posters of male heroes with idiotic grins Photoshopped onto their faces.”

She said what? Someone with commonsense please show me where the gender division is. This is another social justice warrior pandering by The Hollywood Reporter. THR are just trying to cause MCU problems with the fans. It’s straight feminist cringe and Disney SJW propaganda. Gender discrimination in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom? Sounds like sjw logic being written by Rebecca Keegan of The Hollywood Reporter. That’s a laughable sjw fail. Feminist Brie Larson hate on white men is hurting the MCU more than helping it I must say with her sjw cringe. Who wants to keep hearing about her ugly SJW attitude?

Captain Marvel is Ghostbusters 2.0 with the anti-white male activism by feminist Brie Larson SJW white savior. Diversity in film is not a bad thing! Diversity in film is important! Why is this terrible SJW cringe that they’re doing with the Brie Larson Captain Marvel movie promotion have to be the way to talk about film critics of color? I’m just a black man with thoughts about the SJW media. What do I know about diversity in film criticism? Nothing because I’m a sexist white man.

Who wants a Captain Marvel flop? Not me! But go woke get broke when you play sjw agenda in movies! She needs to stop with the identity politics! But who knows? Will Captain Marvel be SJW? Maybe not, but Brie Larson Captain Marvel interviews says there will be a SJW movie. I wonder what the Captain Marvel cast such as Jude Law feels about her white men hate issues. He’s one of those white dudes in film. With the Captain Marvel feminism coming, it might be one of those SJW movies to avoid in 2019.

Brie Larson SJW Rant

Captain Marvel Controversy; No White Men!


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