Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Inspires Trend Of Extreme Idiots


Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker teen inspired the worst 2019 trend. Extreme idiot copycats like a man spitting in iced tea.

What kind of woman licks ice cream and puts it back in store freezer? Well, apparently it’s an empowering woman since it’s inspired a stupid ice cream challenge. This new trend started with a woman licking ice cream is not funny. This is tampering with food. Earlier this month, a teen in Texas was shown in an online video taking ice cream from a Walmart freezer, removing the top to lick it and then putting it back. Now to be a copycat, Indie pro wrestler Shiloh Greaves was caught spitting in Arizona iced tea and putting it back. Also Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office says a man posted a video of himself on Facebook opening a Blue Bell ice cream container, licking it, poking it with his finger and putting it back on the shelf. Now people are doing ice cream challenges. Like people be smarter! This ice cream licking challenge isn’t something to go viral about!

News outlets report 36-year-old Lenise Martin III was charged Saturday with property tampering and posting criminal activity.

Police Commander Lonny Cavalier says after being alerted of Martin’s actions by management, deputies found Martin at the scene showing the sales clerk a receipt showing he bought the ice cream he licked. Deputies searched the freezer and confirmed the purchase but still decided to move forward with the charges.

Lenise Lloyd Martin III, a 36-year-old unemployed man, has been in jail ever since.

Lonny Cavalier, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office in Assumption Parish, said Mr. Martin appeared surprised to be arrested.

“He didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong,” Mr. Cavalier said. “His explanation was, ‘All I wanted to do was be famous. And I paid for the ice cream.’” He must be a Lil Boosie & Webbie fan. What an idiot!

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