Black Widow Movie Writer Won’t Defend Storyline To MCU Fans

Black Widow movie controversy with film writer Jac Schaeffer not interested in MCU fans opinion on Natasha Romanoff storyline.

There has already been a Black Widow controversy with her Avengers Endgame death. Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely are having to defend the Scarlett Johansson Black Widow storyline. Now we have some MCU news from Black Widow writer Jac Schaeffer letting Marvel fans know that “I’m not interested in the loud, sour-grapes voices” and that she will not adhere to Comic canon. That means she will not follow the Black Widow source material. What do you think about this Marvel Cinematic Universe fans? Is this the way to kick off MCU phase 4 with the Black Widow film screenwriter already throwing shots at Marvel Fans? Sounds like Jac Schaeffer could care less about the opinions of Black Widow fans out there. Maybe the Captain Marvel writer needs Marvel comics explained to her? Will there be MCU fans crying after the Black Widow movie?

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Marvel Studios Black Widow release date is May 1 2020 with Scarlett Johansson returning as Natasha Romanoff.

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