Black Star Wars Fan Rant: Media Attacks & Last Jedi Backlash

Disney Star Wars rant. A black man talks about The Last Jedi backlash and SJW media attacking fans for hating Episode 8.


My Intro To Star Wars: 0:53

Star Wars Backlash: 1:43

Black People and Star Wars: 4:22

Black People React To Star Wars: 5:55

Becoming A Star Wars Fan: 6:35

Star Wars Force Awakens Reaction: 7:32

Finn a black stormtrooper: 9:24

Finn, the Star Wars black guy: 10:42

The Last Jedi Reaction: 12:51


Finn & Rose: 14:34

Rose Tico: 14:45

General Leia Organa: 15:42

Luke Skywalker Episode 8: 16:22

Admiral Holdo: 17:13

Do I Want Kathleen Kennedy Fired?: 19:45

Star Wars Ending: 20:40


Black Star Wars Fan Addresses Disney Media

The Walt Disney shill media attacks Star Wars fans again and again by calling us toxic, racist, and sexist old white men. Why? Because the fandom menace thinks the latest Star Wars films are bad. As a black Star Wars fan, I’m over problematic hypocrisy of the liberal media in the news. They’re the latest great disturbance in the force. They use their abusive power and control with a lazy narrative of racism and sexism. They’re playing identity politics! It’s a propaganda technique to defend Disney Star Wars. The dark side of the force! They say that Star Wars fans are the worst for having strong opinions about a galaxy far, far away. Fans hate The Last Jedi is NOT because of Star Wars female characters. It’s not because of black people in Star Wars. Do you remember Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian & Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu?

The problem with fans is Rian Johnson movies suck. He is the worst Star Wars director & screenwriter. Ruin Johnson doesn’t understand Star Wars history. The Last Jedi is bad writing thanks to him. Look at the unforgivable treatment of it’s the iconic original Star Wars characters. Rian Johnson doesn’t care about the Star Wars universe, it’s obvious. The Disney Star Wars media also say don’t blame the female producer Kathleen Kennedy over The Last Jedi backlash. Instead they label us all a toxic Star Wars fan that’s ruining the brand. It’s a war on white men. They’re afraid to label all fans of Star Wars which consists of the diversity they fake care about.

Well, in this Star Wars video I discuss one of the hottest topics on YouTube, the Last Jedi backlash. My reaction to the mad Star Wars fan that wants Kathleen Kennedy fired from Lucasfilm. Of course the boycott Star Wars news. I also talk about the Star Wars women, Mary Sue Rey, Holdo and Rose, and their feminist SJW moments in The Last Jedi. Also, react to the many other things about the new Star Wars trilogy. The negative reaction continues against the Walt Disney media with no hope.

The Star Wars saga matters to us and Walt Disney Studios are losing fans. Many loyal fans are saying that Star Wars is dead to me. This is not how to build a fanbase! Customer loyalty should be important to Walt Disney Studios. We want LucasFilm to strike back with a Star Wars story that is epic. We want the good stories to tell about the SWG. Take the new Star Wars movies back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Bring balance to the force! Oh, and find a good Star Wars director!

Enjoy hearing my Last Jedi rant and how Disney ruined Star Wars for me. I don’t hate Star Wars! I’m dissatisfied with the most recent Star Wars movies. The problems explained by a black Star Wars fan! Now this is for the real Star Wars fans only. Why? Because I’m talking real for the for the Star Wars geeks out there in the galaxy!


Star Wars Questions

– Can LucasFilm fix the Star Wars series after Rian Johnson destroyed The Last Jedi?

– Are you excited for the Star Wars Episode 9 movie?

– Who are your favorite Star Wars characters?

– Are you one of those boycott Star Wars fans?

– Will you pay to go see Star Wars Episode 9 in the theater?


Let’s have an intellectual Star Wars movie talk!

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