Black Lives Matter Boycott Over Captain Marvel Movie Ticket

Captain Marvel movie ticket sparks protest against racial profiling. Black Lives Matter Arizona asks for AMC theater boycott.

Arizona resident Larry Shelton is considering legal action against AMC Ahwatukee 24 in Phoenix, Arizona. The black man was accused of sneaking into an AMC theater to watch the Brie Larson Captain Marvel movie by a manager who later called local police. Shelton claims racial discrimination because he is a black man.

Larry Shelton says he left a showing of the Brie Larson Captain Marvel film for a bathroom break and to get a soda refill. A manager approached him as he attempted to walk back to his seat.

“I’m walking back to my seat with my cup when a manager runs up and said I entered the building through an exit door”

When police arrived to escort him from the AMC Movie Theater In Phoenix, he began Facebook live streaming.

Black Lives Matter Arizona will protest outside AMC Ahwatukee 24 in Phoenix, Arizona for Shelton, who will also join, alleging “racial profiling and mistreatment.” Kat McKinney, president of Black Lives Matter tells Yahoo Lifestyle the manager’s actions were “appalling.”

“This employee tried to intimidate Larry, even when he was proved wrong,” McKinney tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Thankfully, we have videos to prove that racism continues to exist.” The organization asks for a national boycott of AMC Theaters. “An apology will not stop us,” says McKinney. “We can’t lose an opportunity for change.”

Sounds like black man race baiting. Did Larry Shelton see an opportunity to go viral on social media by creating a scene with the Phoenix cops? I could be wrong about Larry Shelton, but that’s what it looks like. What exactly is Black Lives Matter Arizona supposed to accomplish with asking for a national boycott of AMC Theaters? They don’t have more important racial issues in Arizona to deal with? Black people, we got to do better with the battles we choose. This shouldn’t even be black people news at all. You’re going to boycott AMC movie theaters because they asked to see your Captain Marvel ticket? Talk about something happening live that doesn’t really matter black people! AMC theater ticket prices for 3D movies ain’t cheap! Black men, we must not follow this path of bad decisions.

What do you think?

-Was Larry Shelton right or wrong for not showing his Captain Marvel movie ticket?
– What do you think of Black Lives Matter call for boycott of AMC Theaters?
– How would you have reacted to the Captain Marvel movie ticket situation if it was you?
– Are you going to join in on the movie boycott of AMC Theatres?

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