Batista Vs Triple H Wrestlemania 35 No Holds Barred Match


Batista vs Triple H WrestleMania 35 Holds Barred Match reaction. The Animal WWE RAW return; asks HHH to give me what I want.

I give my thoughts to the 2019 WWE Batista Triple H face off promo from Monday Night RAW highlights. The Game and The Animal WWE feud will once and for all be settled once again on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Who will win?

WWE Fans, I have a few questions for you!
– What are some of your favorite no holds barred matches in WWE history?
– How do you like the WrestleMania 35 match card so far?
– What is your prediction for the No Holds Barred Triple H vs Batista Wrestlemania 35 match?
– Excited to see Dave Bautista back wrestle again in a WWE ring?

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