Avengers Endgame Box Office Report 2nd Weekend; $2 Billion

Avengers Endgame $2 billion. James Cameron Avatar box office record will soon be beat by Disney & Marvel Studios MCU movie.

In box office news this week,Avengers Endgame box office numbers are the second largest worldwide release of all-time, topping $2 billion globally and $619 million at the domestic box office in 12 of it’s global release.


Avengers Endgame Spoiler Free Review
Avengers Endgame Spoilers Review

With an estimated $145.8 million, Avengers Endgame is short of the record $149.2 million second weekend for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to Box Office Mojo, Avengers Endgame is now the 9th largest domestic release of all-time after just ten days in theaters.

Internationally, Endgame added over $282 million for an overseas cume that now stands at $1.569 billion and a global total reaching $2.188 billion, making it the second largest global release of all-time, trailing Avatar by $600 million. As for that total, Avengers 4 topped $2 billion worldwide in its eleventh day of release, a total Avatar reached after 47 days.

Avengers Endgame top international box office market’s

China ($575 million)
UK ($89.9m)
Korea ($82.1m)
Mexico ($61.6m)
Brazil ($56.3m)
India ($51.8m)
Germany ($47.4m)
Australia ($46.2m)
France ($43.1m)
Japan ($34.4m)
Indonesia ($30.9m)
Italy ($29.0m)
Philippines ($28.7m)
Spain ($24.9m)
Hong Kong ($23.1m)
Taiwan ($22.5m)
Thailand ($22.5m)
Russia ($32.6m)

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