Avengers Endgame Beats Avatar Box Office! #1 Movie Worldwide

Avengers Endgame box office beat Avatar Worldwide record. The Marvel Studios movie is now the #1 all time. MCU fans did it!

Big time MCU news here! Avengers Endgame vs Avatar is officially over. Walt Disney Studios reported that Marvels Avengers 4 gross had earned a $2.79 billion worldwide box office collection beating Avatar record of $2.7897 billion.

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Avengers Endgame beat avatar in 87 days. James Cameron Avatar movie for comparison, ran for 234 days during its first run, and was then rereleased in 2010.

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Domestic: $854,216,193 30.6%
+ Foreign: $1,936,000,000 69.4%
= Worldwide: $2,790,216,193

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