Amazon Driver Steals Bike From Little Girl; Caught On Camera

Amazon driver caught on camera stealing bike from a little girl’s Mount Dora home. Florida Man back in the news headlines.

The Florida Man was caught on video stealing a child’s bike after delivering an Amazon package.

The Central Florida homeowners surveillance video shows the Amazon delivery man leaving the package, but then walking over to a girl’s bike that was resting next to some trash cans in the driveway and proceeds to stealing it.

Video then shows the Florida Man checking out the bike and then hopping onto it, riding it down the long driveway before leaving with it.

The homeowner told WESH 2 News she just wants to get her daughter’s bike back from the Amazon driver

“Honestly, I hope it was a mistake. I think great people can make unfortunate mistakes, and I hope that’s all it was,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner said the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Amazon were able to contact the Florida Man, who promised to return the bike.

WESH 2 News received the following statement from Amazon: “We have high standards for our delivery partners and how they serve customers. We are engaged with law enforcement and the customer to ensure this is situation is fully resolved, and we’ve apologized to the customer for this experience. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages.”

What is up with the Florida Man? Who steals a bike from a little girl?


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