5 Reasons Why Birds Of Prey Box Office Is A DCEU Movie Flop!

Birds of Prey box office bombs with great reviews. 5 reasons why the DC movie had the worst DCEU opening weekend numbers ever!

Birds of Prey box office is the biggest movie flop of 2020 so far. According to Box Office Mojo Birds of Prey box office breakdown, positive reviews and audience reactions wasn’t enough to send Warner Bros.’s Birds of Prey box office flying too high this weekend. While the latest DC Comics adaptation was able to secure the box office weekend’s #1 slot and dethroned the three week reign of Sony’s “Bad Boys for Life,” it fell well short of expectations. However, box office 2020 hasn’t been bad to Oscar contender 1917 was one of three titles to see a single digit drop as audiences sought to see the film that is widely expected to take home Best Picture honors.

Birds of Prey box office numbers finished with an estimated $33.25 million from 4,236 theaters (fourth widest ever for an R-rated release), falling well short of industry box expectations as well as the studio’s anticipated $45 million start. Birds of Prey box office tracking had the DCE movie above $50 million. Things looked good heading into the Birds of Prey box office weekend with the DC film receiving a strong critical response. Birds of Prey Rotten Tomatoes score is 81% and 60 on Metacritic — which was then followed by an “B+” CinemaScore from opening day audiences and an 83% audience score on RottenTomatoes.

Birds of Prey opening weekend crowds were 51% female with 65% of the audience coming in aged 25 or older. The Birds of Prey film scored best with younger audiences, of which gave the film an “A-” CinemaScore, which suggests the R-rating may have been a major reason the film struggled to take flight, especially considering its predecessor, Suicide Squad, was a PG-13 feature and debuted with $133 million. It will be interesting to see what WB does with next year’s The Suicide Squad, which is currently expected to be R-rated. Will that now change now since Birds of Prey bombed?

Internationally, Birds of Prey box office collection debuted in 78 markets with an estimated $48 million. Leading the way was Mexico with an estimated $4.6 million launch followed by Russia ($4m), UK ($3.9m), Brazil ($2.8m), France ($2.7m), Australia ($2.7m), Indonesia ($2.4m), Korea ($1.9m), Germany ($1.8m), Taiwan ($1.5m), Italy ($1.4m) and Spain ($1.38m). Japan will be the final market to open on March 20.

What is your reaction to Birds of Prey box office flop opening weekend? Do you have 5 Reasons Why Birds Of Prey box office failed? Let a lonely man know in the comments about the Birds of Prey box office bomb!

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